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Braidy The StoryBraid® Digital Icons Set

The Braidy The StoryBraid® Digital Icons Set consists of 40 high-quality, color images to be used by professionals, parents, and students to expand the use and flexibility of the Braidy® methodology for expository (information) text.

Nothing can replace the look and feel of our Braidy® Doll and other Braidy tools in the hands of young children. However, we know that having the icons in this additional format will be helpful in:

  • Creating custom worksheets (both paper and virtual on PDFs),
  • Distance learning: on PowerPoint Slides, on Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and others.
  • Engaging students on smart boards.
  • Sharing with parents to use at home for work on specific early childhood/early literacy activities and lessons

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Thank you for respecting our trademarks, copyrights, and intellectual property. Please refer to the download-file-included Usage Agreement for information about authorized use of the icons. You are allowed to download for 4 devices.

The Braidy® Digital Icon Set contains 42 full-color images within a Powerpoint file, ready to use or copy into other programs:
  • Each of the 5 Stages of Narrative Development of Braidy (Descriptive, Action, Reactive, Abbreviated, Complete Episode)
  • Full-Color version of Braidy®
  • Full-Color “Braidy® Checker” for tracking parts of the story
  • All 6 Universal Feelings (happy, sad, mad, scared, surprised, and disgusted) (individual images and a group of images)
  • Large and small versions of all Braidy® icons (character, setting, kick-off, feeling, plan, 5 action beads, direct consequence/resolution
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