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Pathways Video Link

Video is 55 minutes long, but well worth viewing, with lots of tips for teaching. Along with Cindy Milner of Pathways for Parents, Maryellen Moreau explains the Story Grammar Marker icons using Braidy the StoryBraid. Clicking on the video will open another browser window to watch on YouTube.

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More Connections of the SGM® to the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment)

October 05, 2016

Circle Arrows with SGM Icons

As noted in the previous blog about the DRA, there are many ways to assess the ability to retell a story. A rubric, such as that used on the DRA, is one of them. Other comprehension assessments tap the Wh Questions or general story rubrics to guide assessment. In my experience, there are students who can answer these questions but are not able to retell what they read. Although the causes may be different, the problem is similar, they are unable to express what was comprehended. There are others who are unable to answer questions unless there is focused scaffolding and then only minimal responses are noted. Still, there are others who are “word callers” and have mastered the decoding process but do not comprehend what they are reading. Finally, there are students with language problems who have working memory or word retrieval problems and have difficulty expressing what they comprehend...”

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High Stakes Test Results: An Opportunity for Collaboration Using SGM

September 30, 2016

Teacher and Boy with SGM Braidy DollAfter receiving many positive comments regarding a recent post, Using Data Collection and Collaboration to Enhance Instruction, I wanted to share two other ideas that you may find helpful when first using the SGM® in your school. If you are not using the SGM® school-wide, then try working with a colleague as the SGM® is the perfect vehicle to establish collaboration and a common language around student comprehension questions and the thought processes involved in answering those questions...

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