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Pathways Video Link

Video is 55 minutes long, but well worth viewing, with lots of tips for teaching. Along with Cindy Milner of Pathways for Parents, Maryellen Moreau explains the Story Grammar Marker icons using Braidy the StoryBraid. Clicking on the video will open another browser window to watch on YouTube.

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Story Grammar Marker Summer Reading List

July 21, 2016

Summer Reading ArtAs I was inside during a recent heat wave here in Massachusetts, I decided to review our new Blog Index on our MindWing Concepts website. There is such wonderful information available free of charge —lessons, webinars, downloadable files and technology resources to use in combination with this developmental tool! If you are new to SGM or experienced in our methodology, take some time from your summer to browse through our blog pages. Since I was looking for resources today to use with a student for lessons involving the Complete Episode, I thought I would share these 10 with you...

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Tech Tuesday: Play with Stories!

July 19, 2016

As we have previously discussed in this blog, play and narrative are inextricably linked (see our post about Braidy the StoryBraid® and overlappings with Social Thinking®’s Incredible Flexible You Program — now titled We Thinkers! and with a new 2nd volume)!Sago Picture 1 “Play Plans” within a group or individual session can emphasize social cognitive concepts that are important during play such as “sharing an imagination” but also narrative elements that are acted out or realized in the process of play. A great series that can be used to emphasize early storytelling and play skills can be found in the apps from Sago Mini. These apps comprise contextual “sandboxes” fostering exploration and experimentation as characters are moved around a setting, resulting in interactive events. Sago Mini’s line features apps that allow interaction with characters such as superheros and neighborhood friends, and settings such as space, a forest, a construction site, and a cafe.

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