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MindWing Concepts provides highly interactive professional development workshops and multi-sensory materials for public school districts, private schools, early childhood settings and parents.

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Pathways Video Link

Video is 55 minutes long, but well worth viewing, with lots of tips for teaching. Along with Cindy Milner of Pathways for Parents, Maryellen Moreau explains the Story Grammar Marker icons using Braidy the StoryBraid. Clicking on the video will open another browser window to watch on YouTube.

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Tech Tuesday: Recommending “YouCue Feelings” by Dr. Anna Vagin

November 28, 2016

YouCue Feelings Book CoverStory Grammar Marker® intersects in powerful ways with social learning tools and methodologies such as Social Thinking®, The Incredible Five Point Scale, and The Zones of Regulation®. Many of these approaches emphasize situational awareness and understanding of social contexts. Also emphasized in these approaches is the process of “getting” others’ perspectives and the “Landscape of Consciousness” illuminated by discussing Reactions (using an SGM® Reaction Sequence map) and advancing to target description of Feelings and Plans. Dr. Anna Vagin has carved a niche for exploring the utility of videos in addressing these aspects of narrative language and social cognition, detailed in her books Movie Time Social Learning and YouCue Feelings, which will be discussed in this post...

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“Featuring” Expression of Feelings Using Feeling-Frames

November 22, 2016

Character and Feeling-Thought FramesDuring Maryellen’s last two webinars, Story Grammar Marker: 2 Key Things That Set It Apart and 5 Elements of the Critical Thinking Triangle in Action!, she used a feeling-frame with the boys who participated in the lesson to highlight how characters were feeling and what they were thinking in the story, Those Shoes by Maribeth Boltz. The frames have been particularly motivating with students. They can be easily made using tongue depressors and popsicle sticks. Craft stores carry colorful ones in various sizes. We have found the easiest way to hold them together is with glue dots, also available in craft stores. These activities would go nicely with our new product, The Critical Thinking Triangle in Action! and are very adaptable to students and materials!

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