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Story Grammar Marker® Boom™ Cards

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Story Grammar Marker® Boom™ Cards: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer (Series 1-4), a bundle of 24 beautifully illustrated and highly engaging stories with 7 differentiated versions of each story (i.e., 168 stories in all) that are officially approved and endorsed by MindWing Concepts, Inc., creator of the Story Grammar Marker®.

Sample Page 1These stories are connected and have similar characters throughout.

Each deck has many access points for differentiation, as the stories within are crafted with each narrative development stage in mind (i.e., from stages 1 to 7).

The following skills can be targeted:

  • sequencing
  • understanding/expressing story grammar elements
  • use of cohesive ties (i.e., temporal, causal)
  • feeling words
  • thinking/planning verbs
  • perspective taking
  • story comprehension
  • story retelling

Sample Page 2SGM® BOOM™ Cards are meant to be used as a companion tool with the Story Grammar Marker® approach. They contain the Story Grammar Marker® icons (character, setting, kick-off, feeling, plan, attempts, tie-up, resolution) and can be used for teaching story grammar elements in an explicit way.

  • They are appropriate for the whole classroom, centers, group/individual lessons, and home programming.
  • Each story has an activity and option for audio.
  • You will also find additional resources such as demonstration videos at each stage of development, narrative stage charts, narrative stage decision tree, universal feelings/synonyms, etc.

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You can preview the decks here:

4 Seasons Bundle Fall–Series 1 Winter–Series 2 Spring–Series 3 Summer–Series 4

Item No. BUNDLE (Series 1-4)–Product No. 03 600
FALL (Series 1)—03 601
WINTER (Series 2)—03 602
SPRING (Series 3)—03 603
SUMMER (Series 4)—03 604

Miranda imageAbout the Author: Miranda O'Donnell has been working as a Speech Language Pathologist since 2007. She graduated with her Master's degree from the University of Alberta. She began her career working with the school-aged population and in some early intervention classrooms for preschoolers with special needs in Edmonton, Alberta, then continued to work with the preschool population in Kelowna, BC, at Interior Health and the Central Okanagan Child Development Association (now known as Starbright Children's Development Centre). Since 2010, she has worked with the school-aged population at School District #23. She has special interests in developmental language disorder, dyslexia, social cognition deficits, and executive functioning weaknesses. In 2016, she began collaborating with Maryellen Rooney Moreau (the creator of the Story Grammar Marker®) and Sheila Moreau from MindWing Concepts, Inc. Since then, she has completed a double certification through their training programs. She is licensed to use the Story Grammar Marker® copyrighted icons in this companion tool. This tool is meant to be used as a supplement, and it is recommended that the Story Grammar Marker® (i.e., story braid) and the approach be used alongside.