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Vendor Information / W9

MindWing Concepts. Inc.
Federal Tax ID: 04-3221954
5-Member Corporation, Woman-Owned

Purchase Orders

We do accept purchase orders (mail, fax, email) and checks. To order online visit


Address for purchase orders, remit to:

  • MindWing Concepts, Inc.
    One Federal St., #103-1
    Springfield, MA 01105-1153 USA

Or Fax: (413) 734-0075

P.O. Payments

Terms: Net 30 / Subject to Withholding: No
Canada: Please remit payment in US bank/US funds
All Other Countries: Please call for payment terms

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MindWing Concepts, Inc. is the owner of U.S. Patent 5,658,150 and U.S. Patent Pending Application Number 29/284061.