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March 30, 2020


NEW Digital SGM Icons, FREE Webinar & Online PD

We hope this message finds you well and healthy.

Kick-Off IconCOVID19 is certainly the biggest
“Kick-Off” that many of us have ever experienced.
As teachers, specialists and/or parents, this thrusts you into the position of having to completely change how you teach, or how you deliver services or has put you into the homeschooling role.

Maryellen and SheilaAt MindWing Concepts, we want to do what we can to assist you with these distance learning and homeschooling challenges as well as offer alternative ways to access training and PD. Maryellen will continue to “GO LIVE” on social media daily and we will continue to offer FREE Webinars.

THANK YOU! Thank you for being concerned with our personal well-being and the well-being of our small family business during this uncertain time for so many. We especially want to THANK everyone who has reached out with feedback and well wishes and most importantly to those who continue to purchase our materials and attend our webinars. It is very difficult being in a business where our “customers” are schools, which are all closed at the moment. We are grateful for your support and hope we and Story Grammar Marker® can help to support you in your practice and teaching.


If you are seeking information about conducting Professional Development while your colleagues/staff work from home, we are providing 1-Day Workshops for school districts and organizations in the coming weeks. They include (3) 90-min LIVE Video Conference sessions and (3) 30-min small group activities with feedback from Maryellen Moreau. For details and pricing contact Sheila at smmoreau@mindwingconcepts.com or text at 617.839.2217.

Book Report FormYES! Permission to Use Forms From Manuals in Distance Learning!

We also want to THANK the many colleagues who have contacted us regarding permission to use our copyrighted forms (from our manuals) on Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Youtube and other online learning platforms. We DO authorize this use, but please refer to page 2 of all of our manuals regarding the intellectual property, trademarks, and copyrights. (We DO NOT authorize use of the icons for creating materials to be sold through a 3rd party website such as TeachersPayTeachers, as this violates our copyrights and intellectual property).

Complete Icon Set w Dancing IconsNEW! You asked, we answered: DIGITAL VERSIONS OF OUR TRADEMARKED ICONS*

Icons that can be used by professionals, parents, and students. Although nothing truly replaces the “magic” of students holding the Story Grammar Marker® and other MindWing tools in their hands, these digital icons expand the use and flexibility of Braidy®’s, SGM®’s and ThemeMaker’s approach. You can purchase each set separately:

  • Braidy the StoryBraid® Digital Icons Set ($7.95, 40 images)
  • Story Grammar Marker® Digital Icons Set ($9.95, 33 images)
  • ThemeMaker® Digital Icons Set ($7.95, 31 images)
  • The Universal Digital Icons: Complete Set of Braidy®, SGM® and ThemeMaker® Images Set of ALL 104 icons for $19.95


Click Here for Details and To Purchase

There is an included Usage Agreement which allows for personal and professional use, (but does NOT allow for the use of these icons for sale or to create materials to sell on sites like Teachers Pay Teachers). Same intellectual property restrictions apply.


Wednesday, April 1, 2020, 2:30-3:30pm


Webinar April 1 2020 imageWe are thrilled to have national presenter, Sean Sweeney, MS, MEd, CCC-SLP, present this webinar with us! Sean writes our monthly “Tech Tuesday” blog and is a longtime friend and colleague. He also co-presents with Maryellen during our Annual SGM® Expert Certification Module trainings, teaching how to integrate SGM® methodology and technology.

In this webinar, he will model how to use MindWing’s digital resources such as our icons and story maps in the context of tech-infused and teletherapy. Simple techniques for creating materials with software you have, such as Google Apps, Word, or PowerPoint will be demonstrated. Additionally, other resources will be explored for using narrative and expository contexts on the web and through apps. Maryellen will begin this webinar with an overview of the narrative and expository text structures using SGM® and ThemeMaker® tools to lead into Sean’s technology and telepractice techniques.



Catch up with last week’s webinar, “Maryellen’s Favorite Books To Use in Uncertain Times” and have access to the on demand recording, handout and certificate of attendance:


NEW BLOG POST: SOCIAL PRAGMATICS ON VIDEO CALLS: “Distant Socializing,” Distance Learning and Working From Home!


March 25, 2020


SOCIAL PRAGMATICS ON VIDEO CALLS: “Distant Socializing,” Distance Learning and Working From Home!

Houseparty screenshotI have always Zoomed and Skyped at work and done the occasional FaceTime, but in the past week I have spent A LOT of time on HouseParty, MessengerKids, GoogleHangouts, and Zoom. I have “HousePartied” with my friends on St. Patrick’s Day, and with my girlfriends from college on my BFF’s birthday. Maryellen and I held a Zoom webinar yesterday for 1098 teachers and specialists, and we have Zoomed with our friend and colleague in New Zealand many times. My 6-year-old daughter even got on “MessengerKids” (a Facebook app) yesterday and now video calls me on a whim, along with video chatting with her friends.

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March 19, 2020


SGM® a Powerful Force in Time of Crisis

Excerpt of analysisHello Maryellen, My 4th grade client just completed this during his session—thought you would like to see! I’m not the best at all the ins and outs of Story Grammar Marker® but I wanted you to know how powerful it is for children in this time of unexpected crisis! This client is 10 years old, and diagnosed high-functioning autism spectrum disorder and anxiety disorder. He’s so upset about having to homeschool, in tears at the beginning of the session. Sorry my handwriting isn’t a little more legible, but I was writing in a hurry as he was creating his narrative while holding the student SGM® tool in his hands! By the end of our session, after working things out with SGM®, he generated the three things that are nice about homeschooling—all by himself! I love your work and have happily used SGM® with this client for about a year now, once a week in private speech. Thank you so much for all you do!...

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February 12, 2020

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10 Valentine’s Day Themed Lessons with Story Grammar Marker®

Braidy Cupid imageValentine’s Day is a great day to celebrate kindness and friendship with our students. We have provided many Valentine’s Day themed Story Grammar Marker® lessons over the years. This past fall, we shared a lesson created by a colleague in Baltimore using the “There Was An Old Lady…” collection. The Valentine’s selection of this collection is There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed A Rose. Download the lesson plan here: Character, Settings and Sequencing with Braidy®: Themed Lessons Using “There was an Old Lady…” Series.Another lesson is based on the “Llama Llama” series with the selection, Llama Llama, Be My Valentine. Here is the link to that lesson: Valentine’s Day Activities With Llama Llama and Gilroy Goat...

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February 03, 2020


Tech Tuesday: Telling Tales at Varying Developmental Levels

Sean on hike photoThe practice of providing model narratives in order to scaffold personal narratives from students is one that is supported in our literature. Pamela Hadley (1998) describes conversational mapping, or “give a story to get a story,” as critical in language sampling, and these principles can be extended to intervention activities. Westby and Culatta (2016) suggest similar procedures: “Clinicians can model the telling of event narratives and ask children to relate their own experience about a similar event. One clinician told of a time when she did not close the door on her hamster's cage, and the hamster escaped and was never found. The telling of that experience elicited a child's story about a time when he had pet crickets in a cricket cage and the family cat got into the cage and ate the crickets.” We should remember that not every model needs to be a complete episode, though I realized after a recent trip to Utah’s National Parks that I had one ready-to-go. Additionally, this model also demonstrates the synchrony between Story Grammar Marker® and Zones of Regulation®.

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January 13, 2020


Tech Tuesday: ASHA Convention Wrap-up, Part 2

Books and Apps 1 imageIn last month’s post (ASHA Wrap-Up, Part 1), I outlined one session from Orlando’s 2019 ASHA Convention that I was involved in, and promised a part 2! For this post, I am going to focus on resources I presented in an additional installment of “Pairing Picture Books and Apps for Contextualized Language Intervention,” a session I have been privileged to present over the last several years, with varying themes. In this session, given the proximity to Epcot, I thought it would be fun to highlight the ways that picture books and apps can be used to “Show Them the World (Knowledge),” meaning work in context to develop both Social Studies and general world or semantic knowledge. In all of my sessions on this topic, I have always emphasized the potential for both books and apps to provide context to develop both story grammar and expository text structure, modeling of course, with Story Grammar Marker® and ThemeMaker® tools and visual graphic organizers. Both macrostructure and microstructure can be emphasized when reviewing the story or information presented in a book or app, along with other skills...

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December 10, 2019


Tech Tuesday: ASHA Convention Wrap-up, Part 1

Braidy doll imageThis year brought those of the speech-language pathologist ilk to Orlando, which I have come to think of as the land of simulated Character and Setting. Inside the more sedate but still stimulating conference halls, MindWing’s tools were shared by a number of presenters including me! In Developing Expressive Language In Preschoolers: Strategies to Increase Utterance Length and Complexity (Mentis, Howland, Graham), the authors described their integration of Braidy the StoryBraid® into a language and literacy program for preschoolers, providing graduate student clinicians with wonderful experience in targeting language in the context of stories and play. The presenters recommended a number of books used within their program, moving from emphasis on simple to more complex story grammar and microstructure...

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