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MindWing’s Academic Games

The “Core” of The Core: Using Story Grammar Marker® and Other MindWing Concepts Tools to Support Students in Meeting Grade-Level Common Core State Standards

Core of The Core Book Cover Question Card Sample Image “The ‘Core’ of The Core” manual aligns the Common Core State Standards with MindWing’s methodology, and provides effective, evidence-based interventions to help students who are “at-risk” and those with identified learning difficulties to develop the Communicative Competence necessary to meet grade level standards and prepare for college and/or career.

If you have purchased this book, click this link to download the Question Cards from Page 173-184.

The Autism Collection is a Big Hit!

Autism Collection Link

One of the suggestions we received is that we sell the “Game Set” separately from The Autism Collection, since these narrative games can be used to enhance classroom lessons and therapy sessions for people already using Story Grammar Marker®, Braidy the StoryBraid® and Talk to Write, Write to Learn™. If you would like more information about the MindWing Game Set or any of its components such as MindWing’s Icon STAMPede™ or MindWing’s FunPack Card Deck, please visit our Apps, Activities, Games, Posters Collection.

Game Set ImageIf you have purchased The Autism Collection or the Game Set, please click below to download a PDF file of the Instructions for the Games. There will be updates and additions to these games periodically, so be sure to sign up for our E-Newsletter at the bottom of this page so that you are notified of changes and new information!

Click Here to Download the MindWing Games Instructions PDF

Thank you, and let the “narrative games” begin!