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“New Year” Lesson Idea with 3 Books and 1 FREE Worksheet

by Sheila Zagula December 26, 2017 2 min read 1 Comment

New Year Resolution definition

My father always told us to begin our essays with a clear definition of the topic. Thus, a promise to do something differently in the new year defines what many of us will be thinking of as 2018 rolls in!

Resolution Worksheet image

Several years ago, we presented a blog, “SGM is 25 Years Old & New Year’s Resolution Worksheet,” with a free downloadable for your classroom use. The worksheet, which would make an enjoyable group book for your classroom or with a few added touches, a bulletin board, has been updated and is available at right, modify as you wish.

Page 141 Braidy ManualAn additional easy adaption for younger students would be to duplicate the Action bead template found on page 141 of our Braidy manual and ask students to draw and write about their resolution. These may be linked together using yarn and hung in the classroom with the Plan icon reading: “New Year’s Resolutions!” This would be a great way to review, using the Attempt beads on Braidy doll along with the finished class mobile and inviting each child to share his/her Resolution.

Below are a few books on the topic that we came across at our local libraries here in Springfield and Ludlow, Massachusetts!

Squirrel’s New Year Resolution book coverSquirrel’s New Year’s Resolution written by Pat Miller provides younger students with an explanation of what a new year’s resolution actually is as squirrel discovers his resolution. This would make a good companion for the mobile idea above. 

Shanté Keys book coverShanté Keys and the New Year’s Peas by Gail Piernas-Davenport. This book would be a great way to review a Complete Episode using the SGM® Student Marker. It has an obvious Kick-Off (Grandma not having black-eyed peas) and a series of Actions as Shanté searches for peas. It is written in rhyme and presents several food customs for celebrating new year’s as well as the fun of sharing those traditions with others. Also included is a brief expository section at the end of the book which further details meals and traditions of various cultures and a recipe for Hoppin’ John.

Chelsea’s Chinese new Year book coverChelsea’s Chinese New Year written by Lisa Bullard is a nonfiction picture book for elementary-school-aged students that presents detailed information on celebrating Chinese New Year. It is divided into four chapters sequencing the events leading up to the New Year’s parade. This informative book would lend itself to sequencing activities. The author has written many other books, including several about celebrating holidays and special days.

Happy New Year artWe wish you all a most happy and healthy 2018!

Sheila Zagula
Sheila Zagula

Sheila Zagula works with MindWing Concepts in product development, drawing on her expertise and talents as well as many years of implementing the Story Grammar Marker® and related materials. Her teaching career spans thirty-eight years, most recently as literacy coach in the Westfield Massachusetts Public School System. Sheila has experience as an early childhood educator, a teacher of children with special needs, and a collaborative instructor within an inclusion framework serving children in grades K-5.

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January 04, 2018

Thank you for your book suggestions and activity sheet!
I so appreciate your “New Years” gift.

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