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Autism Awareness With Story Grammar Marker®

by Sheila Moreau April 04, 2017 2 min read

MindWing Supports Autism Awareness Month!

I recently read a blog by a parent of a child with Autism called “My Son Has the Kind of Autism No One Talks About.” It really made me think about the struggles of this mother and of her son. They are the reason organizations like Autism Speaks® and others are so important.

Parents, families, schools, communities, and the child with Autism himself/herself all need support and understanding. MindWing’s materials help with aspects of Autism that include social learning problems, social communication disorders and work on expressing personal event narratives, facilitating conversation, building central coherence, Theory of Mind and perspective taking among other areas.

Being “aware” of Autism means that we know that no there are no books, activities and materials that are appropriate for ALL children with Autism. But still, MindWing’s goal is to help as many children as we can, regardless of diagnosis, age, culture, or ability.

Donation badgeFor every order placed on, we will donate a portion of the sale to Autism Speaks, The Autism Society of America, Pathlight, and The Chapman Farm School. Order an amazing manual, tool or set of materials anywhere in our store, and feel good about helping Autism advance research and increase understanding of Autism spectrum disorder.

Video ScreenshotClick here to watch a quick video of Sheila Moreau talking about specials and materials that can be used with children with Autism.

MindWing’s Autism Awareness Kit

Kit is only available during APRIL! 

Autism Awareness KitWe have created a kit called MindWing’s Autism Awareness Kit that includes: our Autism Collection for Social Communication, Critical Thinking Triangle® In Action Set, Stories for Teaching and Modeling Set, My Fantastic Words book, SGM® Icon Mini Magnets.

It is $186.95 – a 15% savings! Depending on your budget and needs, other items that you may consider for working with this population are:

Click here to browse the details of these items.

FREE WEBINAR - AUTISM AWARENESS and Story Grammar Marker®! — April 20th

Maryellen Head Shot with Autism Awareness RibbonIt’s Autism Awareness Month. Story-based (narrative) intervention was cited as a treatment by the U.S. National Autism Center.

One thing that is difficult for children with Autism is expressing the personal event narrative. Story Grammar Marker® is the ideal tool for helping children master this task. The linear, icon-based tool provides something meaningful to literally hold on to in order to calmly organize their thoughts.

Even more than telling their story, Story Grammar Marker®’s methodology and materials can help children to take perspective, develop Theory of Mind, become critical thinkers, build Central Coherence, solve problems, initiate & repair conversation to establish relationships, recognize feelings through verbal and nonverbal cues, infer, and plan and write with cohesion. To learn more about this approach, please register for our FREE WEBINAR to be held on April 20th at 6:30 PM (EDT) - Register Today!



Sheila Moreau
Sheila Moreau

Sheila M. Moreau, M.Ed. is vice president at MindWing Concepts. Her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology is from St. Anselm College and Master’s of Education degree from Cambridge College. Sheila has twenty years of experience in marketing and sales in the telecommunications, commercial real estate, fundraising and educational publishing industries. Sheila co-authored The Essential SGM® with Maryellen Moreau, drawing upon her experience in her graduate studies. Sheila was on the Early Literacy Advisory Board of Cherish Every Child (Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation),; she sits on the Board of Directors for the International VolleyBall Hall of Fame and serves as Co-Chair of Marketing and Sponsorship for the St. Patrick’s Committee of Holyoke, Inc.

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