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LITTLE GOLDEN BOOKS 75th Anniversary – Flashback Friday Post

by Sheila Moreau April 13, 2017 2 min read

Little Golden Books LogoLittle Golden Books is celebrating 75 years of bringing affordable books to children. In 1942, these books were sold for 25 cents and proved to be an instant hit with children! Since then, over 2 billion Little Golden Books have reached children all over the world.

Part of the Moreau FamilyAt right is a photo of Sheila Moreau of MindWing Concepts with her father (Maryellen Moreau’s husband, Gerry), Gerry’s mother Rita, age 96 (seated, holding the Little Golden Book Saggy, Baggy Elephant) and three of Maryellen and Gerry’s grandchildren: Declan, Samantha and Casey (holding the Saggy, Baggy Elephant stuffed animal).

Gerry, as a child, had the entire collection of Little Golden Books which Rita read to him and his sister, Karen. Then, Gerry read them to Sheila. Now, Sheila is sharing the love of these books with her daughter Casey and her niece and nephew.

Saggy, Baggy elephant Book CoverEnjoy this blog “A Trip Down Memory Lane: Feelings and Character Description Using a Classic Golden Book” from our MindWing website featuring The Saggy Baggy Elephant, outlined as a Complete Episode and an art activity featuring Character/Setting.

After reading this book and going over the activity in the blog, this is Casey’s project! She is 3 years old (turned 3 in February) – and she loved it! On the back of her project, she “wrote” a letter to the Saggy Baggy Elephant, Sookie, and proceeded to “write” the names of herself and several family members.

Casey’s Elephant Drawing Casey Drawing

Casey’s Letter to SookieThis example of Casey’s early writing shows the connection among oral language, reading and writing. Casey’s favorite Little Golden Book currently is Disney’s Frozen. It takes the very intricate Disney blockbuster movie and basically tells story in highlights, and is perfect for young children. The Little Golden Books offer short stories on many topics and are enjoyable at all ages!!

Follow these links to information about Little Golden Books:

Follow this link to find scheduled events celebrating this anniversary:

What was your favorite Little Golden Book?
Sheila Moreau
Sheila Moreau

Sheila M. Moreau, M.Ed. is vice president at MindWing Concepts. Her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology is from St. Anselm College and Master’s of Education degree from Cambridge College. Sheila has twenty years of experience in marketing and sales in the telecommunications, commercial real estate, fundraising and educational publishing industries. Sheila co-authored The Essential SGM® with Maryellen Moreau, drawing upon her experience in her graduate studies. Sheila was on the Early Literacy Advisory Board of Cherish Every Child (Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation),; she sits on the Board of Directors for the International VolleyBall Hall of Fame and serves as Co-Chair of Marketing and Sponsorship for the St. Patrick’s Committee of Holyoke, Inc.

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