MindWing’s Autism Awareness Kit

Autism Awareness and Character HeadIn support of Autism Awareness Month, this year we have put together a Kit of materials that would be most useful for children along the Autism Spectrum for whom social communication is a problem. This Autism Awareness Special Kit is $186.95 (which is a savings of 15% for these materials!!) ALSO, during the month of April, for every order placed on our website, a portion of our sales will be donated to Autism Speaks, The Autism Society of America, Pathlight, and The Chapman Farm School.

1. Autism Collection for Social Communication

This collection includes three books, It’s All About the Story, Making Connections, and Facilitating Relationships, as well as a 2-sided game board, game pieces, a Student Story Grammar Marker®, SquiGuMs 2-in-1 Wristbands, FunPack Card Deck, Icon STAMPede Rubber Stamp Set, and downloadable game book.

Used together, the books and activities can help children to:

  • tell their “story”
  • take perspective
  • develop Theory of Mind
  • become critical thinkers
  • build Central Coherence
  • solve problems
  • initiate & repair conversation to establish relationships
  • recognize feelings through verbal and nonverbal cues
  • infer and plan, and write with cohesion

Learn more about The Autism Collection

2. Critical Thinking Triangle® In Action! Kit

This hands-on THINKING tool focuses on the 5 elements of Critical Thinking necessary for both macrostructure and microstructure aspects of social communication:

  1. Kick-Off or problem, unexpected happening resulting in a change to the setting
  2. Emotions or Feelings
  3. Mental States/Thinking Verbs/thought process
  4. Plans/Intentions to determine actions
  5. Cohesive Ties (conjunctions) to build complex sentence structures to communicate the story

Learn more about The CTT in Action! Kit

3. My Fantastic Words Book

This book helps with vocabulary and multiple meanings in a very visual way.

Read more about My Fantastic Words

4. Stories for Teaching and Modeling

Children with social communication problems often have trouble with personal event narratives. This products offers 5 personal event narratives as models that can be broken down by narrative level along with extended activities.

Learn more about Stories...

5. SGM® Icon Mini-Magnets

These new SGM® icon mini-magnets can be used as a manipulative to facilitate one-on-one or small group discussion.

Learn more about Mini-Magnets

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Also Misspelled as MiniMagnets

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