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Zoom In On Documentation!

A 39-page downloadable resource containing a step-by-step procedure for analyzing narrative samples and documenting progress using MindWing Concepts’ progress monitors and graphs (4 PDF forms included separately!) on DocHub.

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Narrative intervention, using the Story Grammar Marker® approach, simultaneously targets discourse, sentence level language construction and expansion (syntax and morphology) as well as vocabulary concerns! This simultaneous targeting serves to clarify and facilitate documentation. With the goal of improved language and communication skills, Narrative Assessment is one of the biggest bangs for your buck for tracking and documenting student progress.

In the current “Document! Document! Document!” environment, our tools are uniquely designed to support this documentation process. In this packet, we share a step-by-step procedure to track narrative samples with MindWing’s systematic and explicit progress monitors and graphs. It includes detailed instructions of DocHub.com and demonstrates how to analyze the MACRO- and Microstructure of a narrative.

This documentation process provides the service provider with a complete and professional procedure for sharing with colleagues, administrators and parents. Downloadable progress monitoring PDF forms are also included for use in DocHub.com or any annotation platform:

  • 39-page background and instruction PDF document
  • (2) 2-page Progress Monitors PDF FORMS:
    MACRO- and Microstructure
  • (2) Data Summary Graph PDF FORMS:
    MACRO- and Microstructure

Please see the MindWing Webinar “Document! Document! Document! Narratives, DocHub and Telepractice” on how to use these materials.

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