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YouCue Feelings with SGM® Starter Set

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Get started immediately with these basic materials! This Starter Kit is appropriate for those who are new to YouCue Feelings, Story Grammar Marker® – or both! The YouCue Feelings book gives you 25 links to online videos with accompanying social learning activities, a Story Grammar Marker® Manipulative for modeling and giving students the hands-on connection to the narrative (story) elements of the video, 41 high quality, full color, digital Story Grammar Marker® Icons for use in both distance learning platforms and for creating custom materials for mapping the narrative elements, and the Critical Thinking Triangle® Mini Poster to model and talk about kick-offs, feelings, mental states (thoughts), and plans.

  • 1 Student Story Grammar Marker® Manipulative
  • 1 SGM® Digital Icons Set
  • 1 Critical Thinking Triangle Mini Poster
  • 1 YouCue Feelings: Using Online Videos for Social Learning by Anna Vagin, PhD. This 90-page book is for use with children 4-14 years old. It utilizes the engaging material of online videos to make learning about feelings and relationships easy and fun. It can support elementary and middle school students in building their emotional vocabulary, tracking changes in feelings over time, and increasing their ability to reflect on their own emotional experiences. Included in this book:
    • Summaries and titles of 25 YouTube videos recommended for social learning
    • 25 YouCue Activities Level 1 – targeting social understanding of the videos
    • 25 YouCue Activities Level 2 – targeting making connections to self
    • Appendices including feeling lists, recommended books, and more

YouCue Feelings guides students in thinking about, talking about, and ultimately, practicing important social learning ideas in their everyday lives.

Prod. No. 03 301G

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