SGM® Mini Magnets for Narrative Intervention

SGM® Mini Magnets are our newest manipulative tool based on the Story Grammar Marker® for narrative intervention. The Mini Magnets can be used in therapy, classroom centers, push-in, small groups, and for individual students to assist them in re-telling, telling and writing stories as well as for comprehension, perspective-taking and social problem solving.

The most exciting part is that the SGM® Mini Magnets are ideal for parents to use at home to help their children express personal narratives and solve problems. Using the SGM® Mini Magnets on the refrigerator, parents can help their children to answer the often elusive question “What happened at school today?” This is the perfect tool to help build that home-school connection!

Each of the 13 magnets in this set has a colorful, child-friendly icon that represents a part of a narrative/story episode (components of the Story Grammar Marker®).

The first 12 magnets are 1.5″ x 1.5″ with the SGM® icons for:

  • Character
  • Setting
  • Kick-Off
  • Feeling
  • Plan
  • (5) Planned Attempts
  • Direct Consequence
  • Resolution

The 13th magnet is 3″ x 3″ and portrays the Critical Thinking Triangle® including the Mental State (thinking verbs) Thought Bubble.

These magnets are designed to be used with Story Grammar Marker® Methodology.

Item No. 03 026

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