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The Autism Collection—Books Only

This series of Autism books includes THREE spiral-bound publications totaling 400+ pages:

  1. It’s All About the Story!
    An Interactive Guide using Story Grammar Marker® for Parents and Educators of Children with Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism and Related Communication Disorders
  2. Making Connections!
    Perspective-Taking, Theory of Mind and Pragmatics Using the Critical Thinking Triangle® of the Story Grammar Marker®
  3. Facilitating Relationships!
    Six-Second-Stories™ and Other Social Communication Strategies: An Interactive Guide for Educators and Parents of Children with Social Learning Challenges

The Autism series relates how to use Story Grammar Marker® methodology to help children develop social communication with the goal of facilitating relationships at school, during academic activities, and at home. Specially designed materials are included for developing the understanding of narrative structure, Critical Thinking Triangle®, and pragmatics. Books may be purchased individually or as a 3-book set, or with included games and activities in The Autism Collection.

All three volumes are packed with our research-based methodology and engaging activities & lessons for using Story Grammar Marker® methodology and NEW strategies to help children with Social Learning Challenges to work on skills such as:

  • The personal narrative
  • Verbal organization
  • Writing with cohesion
  • Perspective taking
  • Theory of Mind
  • Critical Thinking
  • Character and personal motivations, feelings and plans
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Central Coherence
  • Conversation initiation and repair
  • Inference
  • Problem Solving
  • Cause/Effect
  • Blending SGM® with Social Thinking® methodologies

See individual book products for a look inside each book!

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