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SGM® Hybrid Implementation Kit

This special bundle includes a hand picked combination of 29 Story Grammar Marker® materials and tools for the most effective implementation of this methodology whether you are teaching remotely or in person! Currently, educators are faced with remote, hybrid, and/or in-person models for teaching and providing therapy. These various “modes” of delivery created additional hurdles for all of us. How can we possibly focus on leveling the playing field for our kids, teaching grade-level content, and ensuring they have the skills needed to achieve along with their peers? As we know, the problem cannot be solved with a hack, a quick fix or a no-prep lesson. The solution must have a scope and sequence, as well as a research and evidence base. It must work seamlessly with all modes of delivery, with all students, and with all curricula.

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The unique combination of materials that can be used in remote as well as in-person teaching and therapy are:

  • The Story Grammar Marker® Manual with methodology, research, lessons, activities, maps
  • Hands-on intervention materials such as: SGM® braided manipulatives, large icon magnets, small icon magnets, rubber icon stamps, Critical Thinking Triangle® student maps, and manipulative components
  • Teaching tools such as mini-posters, large posters, digital icons, virtual backgrounds, and the Cohesive Tie Jargon
  • Progress Monitoring Forms (which can be used hard copy or on DocHub) in the 39-page eBook Zoom into Documentation

This bundle will support you in your ability to…

  • help each child to independently tell their story (personal narrative)
  • target the building blocks of Narratives: Pragmatics (social communication), Phonology (letters, sound system for talking and decoding), Syntax (sentences, clauses, cohesion, and grammar), Semantics (vocabulary words, figurative language and meanings), and Discourse (organizing sentences into conversation, stories, and information structures)
  • build narrative discourse to improve literacy skills (speaking, listening, reading comprehension, thinking and writing)
  • promote social emotional learning by talking about feelings, thoughts and plans
  • apply the Critical Thinking Triangle® to facilitate Perspective Taking, Critical Thinking, Theory of Mind, Inference, Problem Solving, and Academic Conversations
  • create developmentally appropriate, activity-based lessons by analyzing and utilizing quality children’s literature
  • track and monitor progress of students’ narrative development.

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