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Universal MindWing Digital Icons: Complete Set

The Universal Digital Icons: Complete Set of Braidy®, SGM® and ThemeMaker® Images Set contains 127 high-quality, colorful, icon images from MindWing Concepts’ narrative and expository text approach. This set can be used by professionals, parents, and students who have a range of ages and abilities in their students, clients, or children and want access to all of the icons.

Although nothing truly replaces the “magic” of students holding the Story Grammar Marker® tool and other MindWing tools in their hands, these digital icons expand the use and flexibility of Braidy®’s, SGM®’s and ThemeMaker’s approach. Our SGM® iPad App is another great way to use our icons on a digital platform. That being said, we also know that having the icons in this additional format will be helpful in other ways such as:

  • Creating custom worksheets (both paper and virtual on PDFs),
  • Distance learning: on PowerPoint Slides, on Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, Zoom and others.
  • Engaging students on smart boards.
  • Sharing with parents to use at home for work on specific expository text activities

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Thank you for respecting our trademarks, copyrights, and intellectual property. Please refer to the download-file-included Usage Agreement for information about authorized use of the icons. You are allowed to download for 4 devices.

The Universal Digital Icons: Complete Set

Contains Braidy®, SGM® and ThemeMaker® icons — 142 images within a Powerpoint file, ready to use or to copy into other programs.

Braidy® Digital Icon Set — 42 full-color images:
  • Each of the 5 Stages of Narrative Development of Braidy (Descriptive, Action, Reactive, Abbreviated, Complete Episode)
  • Full-Color version of Braidy®
  • Full-Color “Braidy® Checker” for tracking parts of the story
  • All 6 Universal Feelings (happy, sad, mad, scared, surprised and disgusted) (individual images and a group of images)
  • Large and small versions of all Braidy® icons (character, setting, kick-off, feeling, plan, 5 action beads, direct consequence/resolution
SGM® Digital Icon Set — 41 full-color images:
  • Large and small versions of all of the Icons of the Story Grammar Marker® (character, setting, kick-off, feeling, plan, thinking bubble, action bead, obstacle bead, direct consequence, Resolution)
  • Full-color version of the Complete Episode Poster
  • Each of the 7 Stages of Narrative Development (Descriptive, Action, Reactive, Abbreviated, Complete, Complex and Interactive)
  • Color version of the Critical Thinking Triangle®
ThemeMaker® Digital Icon Set — 44 full-color images:
  • ThemeMaker® text structures (individual: descriptive, list, sequence, compare/contrast, problem/solution, cause/effect, persuade, argument)
  • Full-color version of the ThemeMaker® Expository Text Structures
  • Color version of the Critical Thinking Triangle®
  • Description Icon for Character or for Setting
  • Full-color set and Black-white set of Icons for Sequence
  • Topic icon, Purpose Icon, Arrows (for cause/effect)

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