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New Year Lesson: Recalling 2018 & Planning 2019 with Story Grammar Marker!

by Sheila Zagula December 07, 2018 2 min read

Thinking of all the busy days ahead of us between now and January 1st, I was reminded of our blog from last year for New Year’s...

New Year Lesson: 3-Books, Free Worksheet

We have updated the Resolutions page (always popular) here.

Remembering 2018

Activities that allow us to reflect on the past are helpful in establishing habits of reviewing what we have done well, what we enjoyed, and what we would like to change. Below are some suggested activities that use the SGM icons to add to your toolbox.

  • Student Marker imageAsk students to recall one day from 2018 that they especially remember. Give the students an SGM Writing form or a Student Marker to plan their story. Give students time to fill in notes on the sheet and/or practice with the student marker and then, students could orally share their stories with one another.


2018 In Review!

Download and cut apart the questions below. Invite students to take some time—the amount determined by you and depending on your group—to think about how they may respond before they share with others. Note how the icons will help students focus in on their responses.

A sample set-up for a classroom:

Pair students with one another. How you do this is your choice as you may structure this activity as you feel most appropriate for your group.

  • As an example, you may have two circles of students, an inside circle of students seated, facing outward and an outside circle of students, each person facing one student in the inside circle. The students in the inside circle may then rotate to the right after each question is read/shared allowing students to share with a number of partners, each taking a turn to respond to the same prompt.

OR you may use your name cards (we have each student’s name on a popsicle stick and store them in a container to easily choose two at a time to randomly pair students) to partner students.

OR, for older students, you may run a sheet for each participant, ask students to make some notes, and then pair students to talk about all of the questions with a partner.

OR you may choose to use the questions in a center with the students choosing several to respond to in writing.

The format is up to you!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2019!

Sheila Zagula
Sheila Zagula

Sheila Zagula works with MindWing Concepts in product development, drawing on her expertise and talents as well as many years of implementing the Story Grammar Marker® and related materials. Her teaching career spans thirty-eight years, most recently as literacy coach in the Westfield Massachusetts Public School System. Sheila has experience as an early childhood educator, a teacher of children with special needs, and a collaborative instructor within an inclusion framework serving children in grades K-5.

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