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SGM Summer Reading List - Part 2

by Sheila Zagula July 28, 2016 1 min read

Summer Reading ArtWe received many positive comments about our blog last week, Story Grammar Marker Summer Reading List, which featured ten resources focusing on the Complete Episode. This week, we have included eight previous blogs that focus on the concept of Character. Please review them all, as they span across multiple grade levels.

For many years, I was fortunate to work in a school setting (K-5) that embraced Braidy the StoryBraid, the Story Grammar Marker, and the ThemeMaker across all grade levels. This helped develop teacher collaboration and created a school wide common language for both students and adults. Using the linguistic framework of the SGM approach, coupled with the visual, tactile and kinesthetic tools, students were able to develop the necessary skills for communication across the curriculum.

Take some time to check out this sampling of Character blogs that demonstrate the versatility of the SGM! There are many more resources to support the use of our SGM tools available free of charge on our MindWing website.

  1. Character Social Thinking (one of Sean Sweeney’s many popular Tech Blogs) — August 18, 2010
  2. The Trumpet of the Swan — May 26, 2015
  3. Character and Setting, Fun Activities (This includes a very easy-to-do puzzle idea for Open House Night!) — July 29, 2015
  4. Exploring Expository Continued, Descriptive Map Activity — September 3, 2015
  5. Early Elementary Idea to Reinforce Character, Feelings, List and Sequence —October 17, 2015
  6. Read Across America and Dr. Seuss Lesson — February 29, 2015
  7. Additional Activities for “The River” — April 12, 2016
  8. Activity for a Field Trip: The Big Red Barn — June 2, 2016
Sheila Zagula
Sheila Zagula

Sheila Zagula works with MindWing Concepts in product development, drawing on her expertise and talents as well as many years of implementing the Story Grammar Marker® and related materials. Her teaching career spans thirty-eight years, most recently as literacy coach in the Westfield Massachusetts Public School System. Sheila has experience as an early childhood educator, a teacher of children with special needs, and a collaborative instructor within an inclusion framework serving children in grades K-5.

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