The ThemeMaker® Kit

The ThemeMaker® Kit is a uniquely designed approach to help students visualize and organize expository, informational material. The ThemeMaker® graphically represents—through MindWing’s patented icons—the seven text structures found in the content areas.


  • Works with any existing program or text series.
  • Enables students to identify expository text structures and their scaffolded connection to narrative.
  • Students will improve listening skills, reading comprehension and oral and written expression.
  • Through guided practice students will develop the strategies and skills needed for success on teacher constructed and standardized tests.


  • 1 ThemeMaker® Teachers’ Manual
  • 10 ThemeMaker® Student Tools
  • 1 Teacher Story Grammar Marker® Manipulative
  • 1 Universal Magnet Set™
  • 1 ThemeMaker® Expository Text Structures Poster
  • 1 Critical Thinking Triangle Poster™
  • 1 Classroom Pragmatics Poster™
  • 1 CHARACTERistics Poster™
  • 1 ThemeMaker® Expository Text Structures Mini-Poster
  • 1 Critical Thinking Triangle Mini-Poster™
  • 1 Classroom Pragmatics Mini-Poster™
  • 1 CHARACTERistics Mini-Poster™
  • Website link to free, downloadable PDFs of all manual-included maps and forms

Item No. 06 000

Also Misspelled as Theme Maker

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