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St. Patrick’s Day Books, Lessons & Resources!

by Sheila Zagula March 12, 2018 2 min read

3 Leprechaun book coversSt. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching! We have three terrific resources already on our website:

Shamrock bullet imageLesson Plan for Comprehension, Vocabulary, Story Grammar, featuring My Lucky Day

Shamrock bullet imageA Leprechaun Lesson for St. Patrick’s Day with Story Grammar Marker®, featuring Clever Tom and The Leprechaun

Shamrock bullet image6 Attempts to Friend “Dear Mr. Leprechaun,” featuring Dear Mr. Leprechaun, Letters From My First Friendship

Here are two other titles to add to the fun of this upcoming special day.

Shamrock bullet imageLeprechaun Tales coverThis is a delightful collection of six short leprechaun tales retold by Yvonne Carroll. It would be fun to start each day off next week reading one to your students. They lend themselves to retelling with the SGM.

This book provides an easy way to review a complete episode:

SGM Marker with Callouts1. Read one of the tales.

2. Review the icon components of the SGM marker.

3. Retell the tale using the marker.

4. You may invite students to use the student marker to do the same! Tailor your presentation to meet your student needs and time frame.

I was also delighted when I opened this book and read the first selection, The Crock of Gold. It is actually another variation of Clever Tom and the Leprechaun, one of the above blog links. In that blog, we outlined the tale for you from two perspectives using the SGM icons. Why not consider reading both Clever Tom and the Leprechaun and The Crock of Gold, then invite students to use this simple Compare/Contrast Map to take a closer look at the similarities and differences of both retellings?

Shamrock bullet imageCrafts for St Patricks Day coverIf you are looking for simple crafts for students to do, this is the book for you! There is a brief introduction about St. Patrick’s Day by the author and followed by twenty craft projects. Each one states and shows specifically what materials are needed and the sequence of directions. I especially liked the “Shamrock Mouse Magnet” and the “Shamrock Wand!” After choosing one of the crafts, you could put the directions on our SGM Sequence Map for students to follow.

Sheila Zagula
Sheila Zagula

Sheila Zagula works with MindWing Concepts in product development, drawing on her expertise and talents as well as many years of implementing the Story Grammar Marker® and related materials. Her teaching career spans thirty-eight years, most recently as literacy coach in the Westfield Massachusetts Public School System. Sheila has experience as an early childhood educator, a teacher of children with special needs, and a collaborative instructor within an inclusion framework serving children in grades K-5.

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