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ThemeMaker® Sticker Snaps!

These come in a set of 25 sticker sheets. Each of the 8 ThemeMaker® Sticker Snaps is low-tack and reusable. Each sticker image is a “snapshot” image of the ThemeMaker® icons for expository text.

Each includes a depiction of the macrostructure and microstructure of 8 expository text structures: descriptive, compare/contrast, list, sequence, cause/effect, problem/solution, persuasion, and argument.

The most popular uses for these stickers are in textbooks, children’s non-fiction books, individual and paired editing, and revision of student writing/drawing. They can also be used to…

  • Make individual bookmarks
  • Create custom worksheets
  • Use in Writing Work Stations
  • Stick into journals as part of students' responses
  • Customize a writing conference
  • Model revision for the class

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