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SGM® Quick Reference Pen Set

THESE NEW PENS are packed with discourse development information using Story Grammar Marker® and ThemeMaker® visuals and methodology.

Each colorful pen contains a retractable, 7" x 2.5", double-sided banner. One side depicts a definition of “narrative,” the SGM® visual of the 7 Stages of Narrative Development, as well as the Story Grammar Marker® tool with each story icon identified. The other side of the banner contains the ThemeMaker® diagrams for the 7 Expository Text Structures of description, list, sequence, compare/contrast, cause/effect, problem/solution, and persuasion/argument, as well as examples of where expository text can be found.

Aside from the obvious use of these pens for writing, the retractable banner contained in these pens can be used...

  • for collaboration with other professionals
  • in meetings with parents
  • for older students to be able to have a quick way to refer to SGM® and ThemeMaker® tools,
  • for those professionals who are newer to MindWing’s products to have a hand-held way to reference the methodology quickly and efficiently during lessons or lesson-planning.

Let us know if you have find a new and different use for this new tool!

Each set contains (4) pens.

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