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SquiGuMs Wristbands Set

MindWing’s Two-In-One Wristbands – Set of 5

Give your students the ability to “carry” SGM® and Six-Second-Stories™ techniques with them throughout their day, even if they don’t have pockets!

Used as a positive behavioral support, the patented icons engraved on the reversible wristbands can be used in academic settings for language and literacy, as well as in social situations for conversation initiation and repair and social problem solving.

SquiGuMs are appropriate for adult use, too, since our students will benefit from consistent support across multiple environments (playground, cafeteria, activities, classroom and home), provided by multiple members of a school staff (teachers, aides, specialists), as well as parents.

This handy wristband is a “go-anywhere” tactile-kinesthetic tool designed to bridge the gap between therapy, the classroom and the Real World. Attractive to both students and their peers, SquiGuMs reflects years of expert professional experience. It does not replace the iconic hand-held Story Grammar Marker® for modeling and guided practice: SquiGuMs enhances and expands its use.

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