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From Frustrated to Focused: Story Grammar Marker® For Self-Regulation Using Braidy®'s Co-Regulation Station

Do you find yourself frustrated with your child or students’ dysregulated behavior?

Have you become overwhelmed reading Instagram memes or parenting books looking for a solution?

Are you discouraged by various school mandates or “systems” that are supposed to help but don’t make enough of a difference?

Do you, yourself, ever feel dysregulated and then struggle with thinking a problem through to the solution?

Braidy®’s Co-Regulation Station uses the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model and the power of the Story Grammar Marker® with the 3-step system: “Feel It, Breathe It, Map It” to help children manage their emotions, plan, and problem solve—leading them to self-regulate while building resilience.

This Master Class is open to the public.

Date & Time

Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Time: 4:00 pm-7:00 pm (EDT) (3-hour session)

Location: Zoom Live Virtual Meeting

Included: Full-Color, Digital Version of Braidy® Co-Regulation Station™, Implementation Activities; Certificate of Completion; 3 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) (formerly Certification Maintenance Hours or (CMHs)

Cost: $97 per participant (contact for discounted pricing for groups of 4+)

Master Class Description

Our new tool, Braidy®’s Co-Regulation Station™, is for home, classroom, and clinical use and incorporates the same Story Grammar Marker® icons used for 32 years to target academic success and social-emotional growth. The clinician/teacher/parent can collaborate with a dysregulated child by taking them out of a frustrating situation, giving them a positive break, and then walking them through a scaffold to focus on their thought process by developing the language for self-talk, and teaching them to advocate for themselves.

The Story Grammar Marker® Approach has helped hundreds of thousands of children worldwide to think, communicate, and learn since 1991. According to Vygotsky, self-regulation is “the mastery of one’s thinking.” In addition to using Braidy®’s Co-Regulation Station™ for self-regulation, this same methodology serves as a springboard for improved thinking, writing, comprehension, oral language development, and other literacy goals.

Along with this virtual workshop, participants will receive the full-color, digital version of Braidy®’s Co-Regulation Station™, with steps to use it right away.

Learner Outcomes

Participants will be able to…

  • Explain the elements of language development that underlie self-regulation
  • Apply narrative thinking and expression to our step-by-step pathway from dysregulation to co-regulation to self-regulation
  • Use Braidy®’s Co-Regulation Station™ with the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model to scaffold executive functions, manage emotions, problem solve, resolve conflicts, plan/make decisions, and self-control
  • Learn how this approach can be generalized and applied to literacy goals: reading comprehension, narrative and expository writing, critical thinking, and more
Hear from those who have piloted this new tool!

“The beauty of Braidy®’s Co-Regulation Station™ is that my husband or I can do it together with our kids, or they can do it independently, and we can swing back and forth between doing it together or independently, leading them through the Station to regulate until they can do the steps themselves. Safe in the knowledge we have a system in our home that works every time for all ages and stages.” — Parent

“I have always found the Story Grammar Marker® to be magical in the hands of my students who struggle with comprehension and writing. Braidy®’s Co-Regulation Station™, gives me another tool to apply the SGM® approach and empowers them with the language needed to manage their emotions, make plans, and set goals in difficult social situations.” — Speech Language Pathologist

“Finding a way to be positive and motivating with the children in my classroom who severely struggle with dysregulation is a challenge. At this point in the school year, we are all at our wits end! Instead of being frustrated, I use the Co-Regulation Station™ focus my students on their triggers and feelings. They really like moving the pieces on the Station while we are talking. I noticed that by doing this, my students can actually see and feel the problem-solving process working! — First Grade Teacher


Learn directly from the experts!

Maryellen Moreau photo
Maryellen Rooney Moreau, M.Ed. CCC-SLP

Maryellen is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Professional Development Coordinator of MindWing Concepts. In addition to marketing and sales, she has worked alongside her mother, Maryellen, for 21 years as they provide professional development and coaching on Story Grammar Marker®, Braidy the StoryBrai® and their other methods throughout the country and around the world. She is an active volunteer on multiple Boards of Directors and Committees in Western Massachusetts.

Angela Wheeler photo
Angela Wheeler, Braidy® Australasia

Angela lives in New Zealand and is a business owner and devoted mother of three beautiful children. With over two decades of experience in the travel industry, she moved from a senior travel consultant into an education role teaching travel and tourism, before homeschooling her children. She has mastered and is fully certified in The Braidy® and SGM® Approach, while studying directly and working on product development with Maryellen Rooney Moreau, Sheila Moreau, and Linda Lafontaine for several years. She works with parents, schools, and homeschool families and specializes in helping navigate the process for children who are neurodiverse learners. Her goal is to make Braidy® accessible to every child worldwide, so they can hold their stories in the palm of their hand.

Linda LaFontaine head shotLinda M. Lafontaine, M.A., CAGS, CCC-SLP

Linda received her master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology in 1981 from the University of Maryland. In 2014 she received her CAGS designation from American International College as a Reading Specialist. Linda has practiced in many settings, including hospitals, public and private schools. She is the former Principal of the Curtis Blake Day School of the Children’s Study Home, for students with dyslexia/LLD. Linda has presented at the Massachusetts Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the American Speech-Language-Hearing conventions. She also presented on the topic of “Narratives” at a learning disabilities conference in the United Arab Emirates. In her current role, Linda uses her 25+ years of experience with Story Grammar Marker®, ThemeMaker®, and MindWing’s other methodologies as a trainer, presenter, and co-author on new publications.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion with a Course Agenda as documentation of 6 Professional Development Hours (PDHs)—formerly Certification Maintenance Hours or (CMHs).

Click here for details about Professional Development Hours and accepted activities.

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