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Oral Discourse Strategies Kit

ADVANCED LEVEL (this kit is not for educators who are new to Story Grammar Marker®)

Deepening student knowledge through discourse language development is a key to student engagement. Our latest product is chock full of hands-on materials and activities that are explained, laminated, and ready to use! Based upon reciprocal teaching and learning strategies, you will be able to guide students as they engage in complex projects and academic tasks through explicit instruction in the structure and use of discourse processes. The kit also includes our innovative Discourse and Thought Development Chart which graphically demonstrates the process of deepening knowledge through oral discourse development.

This Kit contains:

  • 1 manual
  • 27 multi-colored, laminated sheets, ready to use!
  • My Fantastic Words book
  • Cohesive Tie JAR-gon™ Kit
  • 12"x18" 2-sided Discourse & Thought Development Chart with 2-Sided Depth of Knowledge/Bloom’s Taxonomy Wheel

This new cutting-edge Kit applies a macro-strategy approach to narrative and expository text selections. Pulling together discourse level language development and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, this Kit shows students how to use text structure as a guide to create text dependent questions and answers and encourages the development of self-teaching procedures.

Facilitate the modeling of strategies to increase comprehension and encourage academic discussion using included pragmatics chart and conversation moves cards. Also, use this Kit to help children develop complex sentence structure using cohesive ties and other academic vocabulary.

Oral Discourse Strategies Manual Only

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