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Investigating Text Complexity and Close Reading Book

This Guide gets in-depth how to analyze text complexity using the Model of Text Complexity Triangle; Quantitative Measures, Qualitative Analysis and Reader and Task Considerations. Close Reading, SGM®/ThemeMaker®-style is also explained for helping students access complex text. Since their inception in the early ’90s, Story Grammar Marker® and ThemeMaker® have been used to tackle the case of complex text, as is evident in the included Discourse and Thought Development Chart that delves into content complexity for both narrative and expository text, as well.

Also Available as a Set with Discourse and Thought Development Chart + Dok/Bloom’s Taxonomy Wheel  Item No. 07 200G

This Guide contains:

  • Text Complexity Protocol with detailed explanations
  • Text Complexity Protocol Summary Sheet
  • Four-Step format for Close Reading instruction with Student Bookmarks
  • Sentence Complexity Quick Check and Sentence Combining examples
  • Narrative and Expository Rubrics
  • Macro/Microstructure/Literate Oral Language/Story Grammar Marker® review
  • Student Developmental Checklist
  • Two Mini-Books, one for Narrative text, one for Expository text
  • Analysis of Discourse and Thought Development with Webb’s Depth of Knowledge and Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Strands of Language Charts for pragmatics, phonology, semantics, syntax, discourse, and metalinguistics

Item No. 07 020