Bunch of Braidys Poster or Mini-Poster

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Bunch of Braidys is a student-friendly, laminated 18" x 24" poster or 8½" x 11" mini-poster that graphically displays Braidy the StoryBrai®d in various iconic forms of narrative development as depicted by community helpers.


  • Allows Braidy the StoryBraid’s narrative iconic structures to become part of the student’s academic and social environment as displayed by several community helpers.
  • Supported by free activities that may be downloaded from our web site.
  • By viewing the poster, students begin to think critically and learn the iconic components of story grammar.
  • Fosters the development of thought, intent, feeling and plan.


  • One laminated 18" x 24" poster or 8½" x 11" mini-poster depicting the patented, iconic representations of Braidy the StoryBraid in a colorful display of community helpers.

Item No. 05 060 (Poster $8.95)
Item No. 05 061 (Mini-Poster $2.25)

Also Misspelled as Brady

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