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Data Collection and Progress Monitoring

MindWing’s Data Collection & Progress Monitoring Process: Linking MindWing’s Tools to the Teaching-Learning Cycle

Our progress monitoring and benchmark tools will assist you in planning and implementing instruction and intervention as you collaborate with colleagues to foster student engagement. Using our data collection process, determine how individual students organize and interpret information used in problem solving. Differentiating instruction becomes a reality with the use of our evidenced based progress monitoring techniques. The analysis, interpretation and mindful use of data ultimately does make the difference for a child!

  • Multiple Progress Monitoring Protocols to fit your needs
  • Promotes collaboration with colleagues
  • Connects data to direct instruction


  • One wire-bound Teacher’s Manual including a “How To” guide for MindWing’s data collection and progress monitoring protocols & intervention activities using MindWing’s methodology
  • More than 30 DOWNLOADABLE Assessment Protocols such as: progress monitoring forms & charts, narrative sampling guides, checklists & rubrics for pre-school through middle school, goals & benchmarks and MindWing Concepts’ Authentic Assessment.
  • Protocols include observation of dramatic play scenarios, simple picture walks, personal narratives and children’s drawings, telling, retelling, and writing stories and answering literal and inferential questions. The tools also incorporate expository/information text data collection and progress monitoring tools.
  • Website link to more than 30 downloadable PDFs of data collection and progress monitoring forms, charts, checklists and rubrics that can be printed for unlimited use with narrative intervention using Braidy®, SGM®, Talk to Write, Write to Learn™ & ThemeMaker™

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