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Braidy the StoryBraid®️ Checkers (Set of 12)

A Set of 12 laminated Braidy the StoryBraid® Checkers (double-sided) with 12 Dry Erase Pens

The front side of each of the Braidy® Checkers has the colorful, story icons of Braidy the StoryBraid® in picture form (such as on Our Friend Braidy® Poster) along with checkboxes. The back side of each Checker has depictions of Braidy® making expressions of the 6 universal feelings (happy, sad, mad, scared, surprised and disgusted). Each Checker comes with a dry-erase pen). The Checkers can be used in many ways:

“Story” Side:
  • Teacher retells the story as students check off story components on Braidy® Checker.
  • Invite students to retell a story to a partner using the Braidy® Checker. Students can use the checker to listen to a classmate retell a story, checking components as the student partner retells. If parts are missing, the student checker could then prompt the retelling partner.
  • Use the checker to create a class story
  • Students could use the checker to tell Personal Event Narratives to a partner.
  • Distribute checkers to students in small groups with one of the components checked (each different from the other). The particular icon checked will determine which component that student will be responsible for in story discussions.
“Feelings” Side:
  • Ask students to think about how a given character is feeling (this could be at the beginning/middle/end of a story or any combination). Ask him/her to circle the corresponding feeling picture, turn and talk with a partner as to WHY it was chosen, and then, group share.
  • After circling one of the feeling picture icons, make a list of synonyms that might be used to describe the feeling.
  • Modify the activities presented in many MindWing BLOG lessons to include this Feelings Checker.

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