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SuperBraidy Cape

Braidy the StoryBraid® empowers children with the ability to tell their stories! And, the Super Braidy® Superhero Cape provides a motivating way to develop your students’ (child’s) storytelling superpowers!

Communicative competence and confidence is essential for social-emotional learning, language processing, academic conversations, writing, argument, problem-solving, critical thinking and SO much more in school and in life.

This Super Braidy® Cape is a creative, engaging and exciting way to encourage and reward the use of Braidy® in therapy and in the classroom. This bright red and deep violet satin cape, fastened at the neck with Velcro, sports the “Super Braidy” crest across the back.

Included are 9 Lessons, a downloadable Super Braidy® Storytelling Certificate, downloadable Story Starter Cards and the lyrics to the vibrant, catchy The Braidy® Song that is available on CDBaby, GooglePlay, iTunes, or wherever you get your digital music. Empower your students with Super Braidy® Cape!

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