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The “Core” of The Core

The “Core” of The Core: Using Story Grammar Marker® and Other MindWing Concepts Tools To Support Students in Meeting Grade-Level Common Core State Standards

“At the core of the Core is really that child sitting in a classroom at Memorial School on Main Street, Anywhere, USA. We can never forget that within the clamor for more intensive instruction within and across academic disciplines and grade levels, is the small voice of a child…waiting to be heard.” Maryellen Rooney Moreau, June 14, 2012

This book aligns the Common Core State Standards with MindWing’s methodology. It provides effective, evidence-based interventions to help students who are “at-risk” and those with identified learning difficulties to develop the Communicative Competence necessary to meet grade level standards and be prepared for college and/or career.

The “Core” of the Core includes...

  • the SGM® and ThemeMaker® approach for supporting the CCSS (for reading, writing, speaking & listening)
  • “make and take” activities aligned to specific CCSS to be used as interventions in therapy, at Centers and/or for whole class instruction
  • Concrete lessons using literature and information text that combine narrative and expository text structures
  • Printable Questions Cards from the manual

This book will also provide the methodology necessary for helping those students who are “at risk” or have identified learning difficulties with…

  • more complex text in the classrooms
  • academic vocabulary and complex sentence structure, particularly expository text, to communicate the content to others orally and in writing
  • a deeper understanding of text read: using the text itself as the basis of rich conversation
  • more academic (technical) writing, particularly for the purposes of argument and explanation

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