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“It’s All About the Story!” — Autism Collection Vol. 1

It’s All About the Story! An Interactive Guide using Story Grammar Marker® for Parents and Educators of Children with Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism and Related Communication Disorders is the first book in the Autism series. Educators and parents can learn how to use the Story Grammar Marker® specifically with children with Social Learning Challenges.

This Autism series relates how to use Story Grammar Marker® methodology to help children develop social communication with the goal of facilitating relationships at school, during academic activities, and at home. Specially designed materials are included for developing the understanding of narrative structure, Critical Thinking Triangle®, and pragmatics. Books may be purchased individually or as a 3-book set, or with included games and activities in The Autism Collection.

This book offers a tutorial in MindWing’s research-based narrative development methodology. It then analyzes and provides a “script” for direct instruction in each element of the Story Grammar Marker® (character, setting, initiating event, internal response, plan, mental states, planned attempts, direct consequence and resolution) in a convenient Flip-Chart form for easy delivery to a child and/or students. The focus of this book is on the personal narrative, comprehension and expression of children’s literature and verbal organization all relating to social situations.

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