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Talk to Write, Write to Learn™ Kit

The Talk to Write, Write to Learn™ Kit is designed to improve listening, reading/comprehension, and expository text comprehension and writing for students in grades two through six.


  • Expands and develops the writing initiatives of school-based literacy programs.
  • Introduces story development to emerging readers and writers.
  • Fosters modeling, guided practice, and direct instruction of both the narrative and expository writing process.
  • Uses “cartooned” narrative icons to help students internalize, talk about and write fiction and non-fiction genres.

The Kit Includes:

  • 1 Talk to Write, Write to Learn™ Teachers’ Manual
  • 15 “A Day in the Park” Student Activity Booklets
  • 1 Teacher Manipulative
  • Icon STAMPede™ Stamp Sets
  • SGM® Icon Stickers
  • ThemeMaker® Sticker Snaps!
  • 1 SGM® Quick Reference Pen
  • 1 Universal Magnet Set
  • 2 Complete Episode Mini-Posters
  • 2 Critical Thinking Triangle Mini-Posters
  • 2 Classroom Pragmatics Mini-Posters
  • 2 Feelings Mini-Posters
  • 2 CHARACTERistics Mini-Posters
  • 2 ThemeMaker™ Expository Text Structures Mini-Posters
  • 2 SGM® Episode Organizer Mini-Posters
  • Website link to downloadable PDFs of all manual-included maps and forms

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