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Braidy the StoryBraid® Stickers

Set of 25 Reusable Sticker Sheets. The Braid the StoryBraid® icon stickers have many uses in conjunction with the Braid the StoryBraid® approach.

The sticker sheets have 19 stickers on each and are another SGM visual, tactile manipulative. Each individual sticker on the “Braidy” image corresponds to part of the story—Character, Setting, Kick-Off, Feeling, Plan, 5 Planned Attempts or Actions, Direct Consequence and Resolution—which make up the narrative episode. There are Character stickers for each of the 6 Universal Feelings: happy, sad, mad, scared, disgusted, and surprised.

Popular uses for these stickers are making the students’ own “Braidy,” or putting the stickers on pages of children’s literature to identify the page that depicts that particular part of the story. The stickers are low-tack, making them able to be used multiple times. They can also be used to…

  • Make individual bookmarks
  • Create custom worksheets
  • Use in Writing Work Stations
  • Stick into journals as part of students' responses

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