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Mini-Lesson Video for 8th Grade Science Topic with ThemeMaker for Expository Text

by Sheila Moreau September 15, 2016 2 min read

Yesterday, we had a great question on our Official Story Grammar Marker Professional Learning Community. This is a closed group on Facebook and it is virtual community of professionals who love SGM®! Members have the opportunity to share ideas, post photos, ask questions, tell success stories, get help with challenges and basically post anything that might inspire colleagues regarding the use of Story Grammar Marker® and related MindWing Concepts’ products. Join our Facebook group today.

The question asked was regarding using Story Grammar Marker® methodology with 8th grade science. We shared a sample of a Science Experiment Map (below) that was used by an 8th grader for the Science Fair project:

Science Project Form 1

Science Project Form 2

Here is a photo of Lauren winning first prize for her experiment “Osmosis in Celery: Which Liquid Will Win?” One of the judges was a local science professor who was impressed with her plan and her execution of this experiment.

Lauren and Her Science Project

After seeing this example, our colleague on Facebook who asked the question clarified for us by offering a sample topic: “Exothermic Changes.” Below is the conversation we had on Facebook:

Facebook Post Comments

Here is the topic sentence Jennifer posed: “Exothermic changes are physical or chemical changes which occur in response to heat being released from an element.”

Below is a YouTube video link of a mini-lesson using the ThemeMaker® Poster and the Universal Magnet Set showing how to use ThemeMaker® (expository) methodology for complex, content area topics.

ThemeMaker® Maps can be used for Cause/Effect. A List Map can be used to list examples of exothermic changes. A Sequence Map can be used to explain the process of an exothermic reaction. A Compare/Contrast Map can be used to compare exothermic and endothermic changes.

Sheila Moreau
Sheila Moreau

Sheila M. Moreau, M.Ed. is vice president at MindWing Concepts. Her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology is from St. Anselm College and Master’s of Education degree from Cambridge College. Sheila has twenty years of experience in marketing and sales in the telecommunications, commercial real estate, fundraising and educational publishing industries. Sheila co-authored The Essential SGM® with Maryellen Moreau, drawing upon her experience in her graduate studies. Sheila was on the Early Literacy Advisory Board of Cherish Every Child (Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation),; she sits on the Board of Directors for the International VolleyBall Hall of Fame and serves as Co-Chair of Marketing and Sponsorship for the St. Patrick’s Committee of Holyoke, Inc.

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