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Parent and Caregiver Coaching


Angela with children

Imagine if you and your children had a fun, exciting, step-by-step process to follow during the day to organize and process your thoughts, identify your feelings, make action plans, problem-solve, and even help with homework?!

Whether your children are neurotypical or neurodiverse; whether they are struggling learners or excel in academics; whether your family is big or small; no matter if your children attend public school, private school, or HomeSchool, BRAIDY® is a powerful tool for your family.

You may have already seen the power of Braidy® in the classroom and therapy room. Now, bring Braidy® into your home with The Braidy® Approach at Home. Use our research-based, hands-on system with Braidy®’s colorful icons to help your family talk about feelings, thoughts, and plans, and to navigate everyday family conflicts. Braidy® fuels narrative thought for self-regulation and executive functions, while calming the chaos of daily life and bringing familiarity to uncertain situations—with the added bonus of supporting academic progress.

Can you relate to any of the following?
  • When you ask your child “How was your day?” do you get a one-word answer?
  • Are you frustrated with trying to get your child to tell you how they feel when they encounter conflicts?
  • Do you spend time creating activities, charts, and reward systems for your children instead of helping your child make good choices, make their own plans and decisions, and set goals?
  • Does your child struggle to organize their thoughts when trying to tell the story of what actually happened in a situation that has upset them?
  • Do small hiccups or conflicts erupt from molehills to mountains?
  • Does your child have meltdowns or argue with siblings or have difficulty acclimating to new situations?
  • Have you read “parenting” books and gotten overwhelmed trying to implement the concepts?
  • Is it important to you to empower your children to manage their feelings and solve problems on their own and among one another?

The Braidy® Approach is the only approach of its kind and is rooted in Story Grammar Marker® methodology, developed in 1991 by a speech-language pathologist. For the past 32 years, Braidy® has had a track record of success with millions of children in the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and in 22 other countries!