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Oral Language: A “Hot Topic” In Literacy Education

September 28, 2015

Today I am finishing up details for an ongoing consultation that I have with a school system here in Massachusetts pertaining to Language Learning Disabilities. I am, as you know, an ASHA certified Speech/Language Pathologist. Most of my professional life—over forty years—has been spent researching and working with children who have reading disabilities (from the code to comprehension) and how the children and their reading are impacted by oral language deficits/differences. Consequently, in addition to ASHA, I belong to several other associations and look forward to the arrival of their journal publications. One of these associations is the International Literacy Association, formerly known as the International Reading Association. The IRA publishes The Reading Teacher and The Journal of Adult and Adolescent Literacy.

As an SLP with a great interest in reading and writing, I enjoy the points of view of authors within these publications and use the articles to provide discussion among the educators with whom I work.

This issue of the IRA’s publication Literacy Today (Volume 33, Issue 2...

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Teaching SGM® Components — continued 2

September 23, 2015

Back by popular demand: Use this new story to review the SGM components in a group or to sharpen student awareness of narrative structure. Read the story below to the child. (download printed version). Review the SGM® components on the SGM® Teacher Marker. Have the students draw or stamp the icons above the correct SGM® component. Note that the story is a complete episode, the first paragraph having the character, setting, initiating event, feeling and plan stated; the second paragraph containing all the planned attempts to carry out the plan; and the last paragraph having the direct consequence (tie-up) and resolution (feeling about how the story ended). We have found it helpful to go paragraph by paragraph. (See completed version)...

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