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Foldables and Stamps Activity

August 26, 2015

Creating foldables is one way to make reinforcing the SGM icons an enjoyable experience. Using a flipbook and our Icon STAMPede Stamp Activity Set is a versatile way to engage students. There are a variety of flip book ideas online which may be adapted to this activity and the stamps make it easy for students themselves to create their own booklets during centers. The Basic Flip Book/STAMPede activity… 1. Decide which icons you would like students to work on… this will vary by what you want to reinforce with your students. 2. Place as many sheets of paper as needed, one on top of the other. 3. Pull each piece of paper down about ¾ of an inch to one...

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Bring EPIC Contexts to Your Use of Story Grammar Marker®

August 18, 2015

EPIC Screen 1

As they are contextual tools, it’s important to consider context when developing narrative and expository language with SGM® and Thememaker®, respectively. Picture books naturally make terrific contexts to work on narrative at a range of developmental stages and teach identification and use of expository text structures. This summer, while you are away from your school libraries, you can check out the gold mine of contexts that is the EPIC! Unlimited Books for Kids app (free for iPad). When you launch the app, sign up for an educator account (also free) and you will have access to an amazing library of picture and chapter books from leading publishers such as Harper Collins, National Geographic and MacMillan. As the app claims to be, “it’s like a Netflix for children’s books!”

Though I also love using “regular books” (the kinds with pages), e-books, as provided within the app, present several advantages for language and reading skill development. Logistically, with an app such as EPIC you can browse a large library without going anywhere, and therefore, have a wealth of materials at your fingertips. Students enjoy books read aloud to them from the iPad, and the app makes use of interactive and multimedia features. For example, any page and illustration can be “zoomed in” with a pinch of the fingers to focus students’ attention on a particular detail. Additionally, many of the books come with audio, useful for independent reading but also as an engagement factor...

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