SGM® Thinking Bubble & Supplemental Materials

The SGM® Thinking Bubble Supplement highlights the six most common mental state (thinking) verbs: know, think, remember, realize, believe and understand.

The “Bubble” is designed as a bookmark/magnet that can be affixed to the hypotenuse of the Critical Thinking Triangle® on the Teacher Story Grammar Marker® Manipulative and provide the visual, kinesthetic representation of  “thinking verbs.”

With the “Bubble” attached, the Teacher SGM® tool will have the physical representation of the Mental States/Thinking Verbs that have been present on our printed manuals and materials for many years.

The product includes the SGM® Thinking Bubble Supplement which contains explanations of the 6 most commonly used Mental State (Thinking) verbs,

  • child-friendly definitions of Thinking Verbs
  • suggested selections of children’s literature for teaching mental states,
  • analyses of a picture book and a short story for use of Mental States Verbs

The supplement also explains applications to areas such as social-emotional learning, trauma-informed strategies, academic conversations, social interaction, state standard demands, Theory of Mind, sentence building and complex language processing.

Clip your SGM® Thinking Bubble to your Teacher Story Grammar Marker® today to complete your Critical Thinking Triangle®!

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