SGM® Thinking Bubble Supplemental Download

This 30-page downloadable set of bonus resources focuses on the SGM® Thinking Bubble (Mental State Verbs or Thinking Verbs). All of the narrative elements of the Story Grammar Marker® are utilized to “think” about the story or real-life experience or problem. The SGM® is a concrete model for talking about, thinking about and conversing about stories in books/media and real-life situations!

Students must develop the vocabulary and language used to express their thoughts. This download relates the SGM® Tool and the SGM® Thinking Bubble to: Theory of Mind, Sentence Complementation, Social Emotional Learning, Academic Conversations, Pragmatics, and Processing Complex Language. Also included are suggestions and analyses of both picture books and short stories for use with mental states (thoughts).

Printable resources and student maps included are:

  • Classroom Pragmatics Checklist
  • Pragmatic Word Strips
  • Critical Thinking Triangle® Puzzle
  • Expanding Mental States with SGM® Thinking Bubble
  • Worksheet: SGM® Thinking Bubble Mental States From 3 Perspectives
  • SGM® Thinking Bubble Mental States of a Character/Person/Self
  • Thinking Bubble Drawing/Writing Sheet
  • Thinking Bubble Word Cards
  • SGM® Complete Episode Map

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