MindWing Concepts’ COVID-19 Prevention & Support Policy

MindWing Concepts, Inc. is a small, family business founded by speech language pathologist Maryellen Rooney Moreau in 1994 to pursue her passion: helping students to think, communicate, learn and tell their stories.

As a result of the shutdowns and quarantines due to COVID19, the Social Emotional Learning and Growth of our children is more important than ever. It is vital for children to be empowered and equipped to tell their stories as well as to share their thoughts, feelings and plans! Braidy®, Story Grammar Marker® and our other tools can facilitate that. When faced with the school shutdowns during the COVID19 Pandemic, we modified our model and implemented new policies in order to prevent spread of COVID19 while still offering support, instructional materials, and learning opportunities.

For more than 25 years, we have provided in-person, on-site professional development and mentoring as well as selling instructional materials to school districts, organizations, private practices, and individual parents and educators. In addition to shutting down our office during quarantine, we have implemented all state and federal safety and health mandates related to COVID19 Prevention that apply to our business.

We have expanded and improved our ability to support colleagues and customers remotely to limit contact with and exposure to COVID19 by offering:
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