Autism Awareness 2017 Webinar Specials

Thank you for joining us for our FREE webinar Autism Awareness with Story Grammar Marker®! In this webinar, Maryellen shared how to use MindWing’s methodology with children who have social communication disorders, perspective-taking and theory of mind problems and those with difficulty with critical thinking and planning. The downloadable materials at the right are “how” to implement what you learned.

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Autism Awareness Kit

MindWing’s Autism Awareness Kit- $186.95

The Autism Collection for Social Communication includes MindWing’s Autism Collection with three books, It’s All About the Story, Making Connections, and Facilitating Relationships, as well as a 2-sided game board and game pieces, a Student Story Grammar Marker®, SquiGuMs 2-in-1 Wristbands, FunPack Card Deck, Icon STAMPede Rubber Stamp Set, and downloadable game book.

Also included is The Critical Thinking Triangle In Action! Set which includes: (1) Guidebook containing: instructions, a Learning Scale Protocol, reproducible maps & sentence frames, references, online teaching resources and more! (1) Plastic Document Envelope, (4) 8.5”x11” Critical Thinking Triangle® In Action! Student Thinking Mats, (60) Feelings/Emotions Cards, (6) Thought Bubble/Mental State Cards, (4) Feelings/Emotions Bookmarks (2-sided), (10) Self-Adhesive Vinyl Pockets, (1) Beginning, Middle and End SGM® Mini-Poster, (1) Complete Episode SGM® Mini-Poster, (1) Feelings SGM® Mini-Poster, (1) Critical Thinking Triangle® Mini-Poster, (2) Popsicle Sticks, (4) Write-On/Wipe-Off Pens My Fantastic Words Book, Stories for Teaching and Modeling Narrative Text Structure, Story Grammar Marker® Mini Magnets

Autism Collection

Autism Collection for Social Communication - $149.95

The Autism Collection for Social Communication includes:

  • Three manuals:
    • It’s All About the Story
    • Making Connections
    • Facilitating Relationships
  • a 2-sided game board and game pieces
  • a Student Story Grammar Marker®
  • SquiGuMs 2-in-1 Wristbands
  • FunPack Card Deck
  • Icon STAMPede Rubber Stamp Set
  • downloadable game book.

CTT in Action! Set

Critical Thinking Triangle® In Action! Set - $39.95

  • 1 Guidebook containing: instructions, a learning scale protocol, reproducible maps & sentence frames, references, online teaching resources and more!
  • 1 Plastic Document Envelope
  • 4 - 8.5”X11” Critical Thinking Triangle® In Action! Student Thinking Mats
  • 60 Feelings/Emotions Cards
  • 6 Thought Bubble/Mental State Cards
  • 4 Feelings/Emotions Bookmarks (2-sided)
  • 10 Self-Adhesive Vinyl Pockets
  • 1 Beginning, Middle and End SGM® Mini-Poster
  • 1 Complete Episode SGM® Mini-Poster
  • 1 Feelings SGM® Mini-Poster
  • 1 Critical Thinking Triangle® Mini-Poster
  • 2 Popsicle Sticks
  • 4 Write-On/Wipe-Off Pens

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