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The Essential SGM® For College/University Programs

A Handbook for Discourse Level Language Development Using Key Elements of the Story Grammar Marker® Methodology for College and University Programs

How do educators use differentiated instruction and formative assessments to plan for student success? The Essential SGM® includes key elements of Story Grammar Marker® and is designed to teach professionals to use our evidence-based techniques. Its easy format and corresponding PowerPoint and activities will prepare you to move theory into practice! College professors will find this vital in their journey to teach students how to facilitate the development of narrative discourse and critical thinking skills.

  • Easy format that includes hands-on activities
  • Powerpoint and handouts guide discussions
  • Narrative and Literacy checklists for portfolio assessments.

This Kit contains:

  • The Essential SGM® handbook
  • Corresponding PowerPoint, handouts, and activities
  • 5 complete sets of Student materials including:
    • 1 Student Story Grammar Marker® tool
    • 1 Language/Literacy Checklist
    • 1 Discourse Text Structures folder

The Essential SGM® includes key elements of Story Grammar Marker® for professors/instructors to teach graduate students learning evidence-based therapeutic techniques. This resource is designed to put theory into practice in narrative discourse development. Narratives assist students in the areas of oral expression, comprehension, and written expression as well as social cognition and communication. These “essentials” link narrative development with thinking and talking about situations and events in books, media, real life, and current events!

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