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Deepening Discourse and Thought Kit

This Deepening Discourse and Thought Manual and the Discourse and Thought Development Chart combine to provide a roadmap for a literary journey through an exemplar text, a children’s picture book entitled Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts. This storybook serves as an example of all that can be harvested from quality children’s literature to provide lessons, interventions and therapy with students in the areas of academics and social communication.

The Story Grammar Marker® (SGM®) and its Narrative Developmental Sequence—as well as the Expository Text Structures of the ThemeMaker®—form the cornerstone of the Discourse and Thought Development Chart. The Chart serves as an organizational structure for lessons throughout this manual.

Our purpose is to show deepening use of the Story Grammar Marker® as students acquire competency through modeling and dialogic reading of quality literature. In addition to these companion materials, included is a tri-colored pocket chart for use with Universal Magnets, the complete Critical Thinking Triangle® in Action! Set and both the SGM® and ThemeMaker® Mini Stickers Sets (re-useable).


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