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SGM® Activity-Based BUNDLE


SGM® Mini-Magnets, SquiGuMs wristbands, Mini-Posters, Icon STAMPede Rubber Stamps, Fun Pack Card Deck, Game Boards

If you have Story Grammar Marker®, do you have all of the accessories and activities? Did you know that we have SGM Mini-Magnets that are 1.5” SGM Icons that stick to any metal surface? We also have SquiGuMs wristbands with the icons of the complete episode of the story embossed on them as well as the formula for Six Second Stories® conversation starters.

In addition, we have included Mini-Posters for characteristics, feelings, critical thinking, pragmatics, beginning/middle/end, complete story episode, Braidy the StoryBraid® and expository text. For worksheets and writing, we have MindWing’s Icon STAMPede rubber stamp sets for the icons of the SGM®.

The Fun Pack Card Deck has a complete episode of a narrative in each of the 4 suits – there are many academic games that can be played with these cards along with the MindWing’s 2-sided Game Board and game pieces.