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Stories for Teaching and Modeling Narrative Text Structure

For speech pathologists, teachers, interventionists in grades 3 and above!

Our new product, Stories for Teaching and Modeling Narrative Text Structure with Story Grammar Marker®, was developed to answer the requests of Braidy® and SGM®’s biggest users! As you may know, Braidy®/SGM® tools are adaptable to any story (personal narratives, children’s books, novels, TV shows, movies, plays, etc.), making it a versatile approach to learning.

This new product provides a series of FIVE specific original stories to be used to implement narrative structure that is particularly useful for differentiated instruction. Using a consistent format, there are four (4) pages to each of the five stories:

  • Page 1: an original story at the Complete Episode narrative stage that you may reproduce and use with students
  • Page 2: guiding questions corresponding to each story and an SGM® analysis of the Complete Episode with SGM® icons
  • Page 3: each original story is mapped out at the first four stages of narrative development using our patented, child-friendly icons to make it easy for you to guide students in moving forward
  • Page 4: extended teaching activities unique to each story to get a deeper understanding of the text

This product contains:

  • FIVE, 8.5″ x 11″ 4-page folders — each containing an original story, narrative analyses and activities
  • a sequence of steps for implementation
  • a simple, straightforward SGM® rubric for progress monitoring student success

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