MindWing’s Ultimate Collection


This is a Special Collection of Selected MindWing Materials (An OVER $1200 value!). This is the perfect collection for those who are in private practice, a clinical setting, or in a school-based position dealing with varying ages and abilities, and wish to have a selection of materials from each of our kits without having to purchase each kit separately.

This collection does not include the following products that serve specific populations: SGM® Spanish Maps (Story Grammar Marker® translated into Spanish); Holding Stories in the Palm of Your Hand (for DHH/ASL); the DRIP-EY Diagnostic Record & Intervention Plan Set (For Deaf or Hard of Hearing) or Refill Pack; and The Essential SGM® (for colleges and university programs). These preceding products may be ordered separately if needed. The Ultimate Collection also does not include the SGM® iPad App, which must be purchased in the iPAD APP STORE.


  • Braidy® the StoryBraid Doll and Teachers’ Manual
  • Our Friend Braidy Interactive Poster™ (with 30 Braidy® Iconic Pieces)
  • Build-A-Braidy
  • Talk to Write, Write to Learn™ Teachers’ Manual
  • Student Activity Booklet, “A Day in The Park”
  • The Story Grammar Marker® Teachers' Manual
  • Teacher Manipulative
  • Student Manipulative
  • ThemeMaker® Teachers’ Manual
  • ThemeMaker® Student Tool
  • Data Collection & Progress Monitoring Set
  • Set of (3) Social Communication (Autism Collection) books
  • Universal Magnet Set
  • SquiGuMs!™ Wristbands
  • MindWing Game Set (Stamp Set, Board Games, Fun Pack™ Card Deck)
  • The “Core” of The Core book
  • Oral Discourse Strategies: Increasing Academic Language and Student Success (ODS Manual)
  • Over 100 multi-colored, laminated cards that accompany the ODS manual
  • My Fantastic Words book
  • Nonfiction Comprehension Cliffhangers: 15 High-Interest True Stories
  • East Meets West Vols. 1 & 2
  • Cohesive Tie JAR-gon Set
  • Investigating Text Complexity book
  • Discourse and Thought Development Double-Sided Chart with Depth of Knowledge/Bloom's Taxonomy Wheel
  • Oral Discourse Strategies Kit
  • Critical Thinking Triangle® In Action! Set
  • Stories for Teaching and Modeling the SGM
  • NEW Expository/Narrative Mini-Magnets
  • (4) SGM Reference Pens
  • Set of 12 Braidy Checkers and dry erase pens
  • SGM® Icon Stickers (Set of 25)
  • Braidy the StoryBraid Stickers (Set of 25)
  • ThemeMaker Sticker Snaps! (Set of 25)
  • ThemeMaker Magnetic Snaps! (1)
  • (8) 18" X 24" Posters
  • (8) 8½" X 11" Mini-Posters

Product No. 03 010

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