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Braidy the StoryBraid® At-Home Resources for Early Learners

You can put together 12 packets of hands-on home resources to give 12 different students/clients* with the tools in this set. They can use these hands-on resources while you provide distance learning services in the area of narrative discourse. In addition, parents and family members can use the resources to reinforce these concepts by giving them a framework for talking about, reading to, or telling a story with their children.

This Set of Braidy® At-Home Resources for Early Learners includes:

  • Build A Braidy® Pad with Velcro® fasteners- a “flat” Braidy® to color and assemble then use to support telling or re-telling a story (pad includes 20 “flat” Braidys – giving you extras to send along if there is a young sibling or relative in the home as well
  • Braidy® Checkers & write-on, wipe-off pens (set of 12) for use when child actively listens to a story and “checks” the colorful, laminated checker when they hear that part or element. On the back are the depictions of the 6 Universal Feelings for children to reference for emotions of themselves or of characters
  • 1 set Braidy® Stickers (25 strips in set) 2 per child; (1) as a "bookmark" to keep nearby while reading, and (1) for sticking (low tack) on book pages corresponding with that particular story part or scene
  • 1 SuperBraidy® Superhero Cape for you to wear during video-conference sessions and for your students to wear when we are back at school
  • Downloadable Letter & Resources for Parents/Families includes: a sample letter to send to a family, a full color drawing of Braidy® with story elements labeled, a description of the story icons and purpose, (2) Character Maps and (2) Setting maps that can be sent along based on age and ability.

* This set gives you enough materials to give resources to 12 students/clients and the cost is roughly $4 per family.

Although none of us is able to physically be in school, every teacher, SLP, specialist and parent has this same goal: to increase academic and social learning now and going forward! Language development and social understanding grow most rapidly in children’s early years, and we do not want our very young students’ or clients’ growth to slow during this COVID19 shutdown time and during the summer months. As teachers and clinicians, we can use Braidy® via telepractice and distance learning to work on interactive play, problem solving, routines, expository discourse, identifying emotions, listening comprehension and so much more.

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